Classic Range

Classic Range. The Classic Car enthusiasts are the inspiration for the Classic Range of car mist. Considered to be classic and timeless in essence. The aromas in this range vary. Some boasting generally woody tones; whilst others have the scent of eucalyptus, lemon and lavender for that added splash of freshness. The Designer Car Mist and its Classic Range has Six Aromas, hand crafted and Made in Australia. The contents are 100% natural ingredients, in other words, scented with 100% pure botanical oils.

Classic Range supports the use of therapeutic and pleasant aromas which date back thousands of years. For centuries the fragrant oils ceremonially used in the Far East, as well as in ancient Egypt and Greece. Research related to the impact of scents, particularly essential oils, on mood has increased since the 1970s. Specifically, there have been several studies on the use of essential oils and pleasant aromas to reduce stress.

The calming benefits of pleasant aromas will improve and even change moods to benefit all. Smell is considered to be the most poorly understood of our senses.  Yet, through the power of smell we can experience changing moods, past memories such as holidays and times with loved ones. Caroma Scents has inspired the experience of botanical oils not just in the home and office but in our cars.

Choose a scent that transports you to that place, that holiday you long to get back too! The Classic Range may just be what you’re looking for. Why not explore our Essentials Range & Luxury Range for more great aromas as you drive.