Luxury Range

The Luxury Range. Motivated by the sheer pleasure of exotic, lavish and extravagant automobiles. The Luxurious Range is focus-enhancing. In addition, the senses are tantalised. By the smooth, refreshing and deodorising aroma.

History shows that botanical oils became popular in the 11th century. As a result of steam distillation. The process of steam distillation makes it possible to effectively extract essential oils from plants. The benefits of botanical oils has been known for thousands of years.  Research related to the impact and benefits of scents on mood, has increased since the 1970s. Specifically, there have been several studies on the use of essential oils. The studies have proven that pleasant aromas can reduce ailments like stress.

Different aromas come with different benefits. Some will help lift the mood. Some will relax or energize. In addition, some will improve concentration. The Luxury Range defined as a poetic aroma.  The aroma is stimulating and exotic. It can improve well-being. The calming benefits of the pleasant aromas will improve moods. It may even change moods that will benefit all. Above all, smell is considered the most poorly understood of our senses.

Most noteworthy is that through the power of smell we can experience changing moods, past memories such as holidays and times with loved ones. Caroma Scents has inspired the experience of botanical oils not just in the home and office but in our cars. Above all, choose a scent from the Luxury Range. It may just transport you to that drive. The drive you long to experience! The Luxury Range may just be what you’re looking for.